We all know the Bad Hair Days. But what if the day becomes a week and the week becomes a week? The structure of your hair can be an indication that something is wrong with your health. We’ll tell you what your hair wants to whisper to you.

Thin and dull, brittle or graying quickly. Very few of us have the head of hair from the lady from the L’Oréal advertisement.

Our coat changes in the course of life

As a kid, you had a wale mane like Carrie Bradshaw. Today your hair is so thin that the slightest whiff of the cough from your counterpart sweeps it all through. That your hair changes in the course of your life is quite normal and is due to the hormones. Pregnant women can sing a song about it. But does your former mane suddenly look dull or gray? If your hair is brittle or falling out, it can be an indication that something is wrong.

Your hair is damaged or brittle

After a beach vacation, there is a strong suspicion that too much heat and too little humidity were involved. But is your attempt to spice it up with care products unsuccessful or can you not find a clear cause for the new “look”? Then a lack of nutrients due to too much stress could be the reason for your hair to become ailing. So try to shift down a gear and supply your organism with sufficient iron, zinc, chromium, and potassium. Especially as a vegan, you should make sure that you get enough iron and B vitamins.

Your hair looks dull or is getting thinner and thinner

Then you should question your junk food consumption or stay away from crash diets. Most of the time, these symptoms are caused by an unbalanced diet. You lack protein, important trace elements, and minerals. Incidentally, also the reason why many people who suffer from anorexia get thin hair.

Your hair is falling out more

Daily brushing has become an ordeal for you due to hair loss. Don’t panic 100 pieces a day are completely normal. However, if the number is significantly higher, stress or depression could be the cause. Both of these can lead to inflammation at the hair roots and cause hair loss. Another reason can be iron deficiency. A doctor can quickly freshen you up with suitable preparations or an infusion.

If your scalp hair falls out in places, you should definitely consult a doctor. Your thyroid may not be working optimally. Another reason could be a scalp infection caused by fungi or bacteria. This can also be a side effect of medication, for example.

Your hair turns gray very quickly

Whether we get the first gray hairs as teenagers or in our early 40s mostly depends on our genes. But if you have become Methuselah in a short period of time, that could be a sign of stress. Stress acidifies the body and can sometimes turn your hair gray. The reason is usually not in the last few days, but up to six months ago. But hormones such as estrogen also have an influence on the dye formation in your hair. The herbal remedies monk’s pepper or maca can compensate for a lack of estrogen and bring your hormonal balance into balance.


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