It can get hot in summer. And then annoying sweat stains are not long in coming. But you can easily prevent it with a few little tricks.

These five simple hacks will help fight sweat stains:

Drinking water

What sounds like an old wives’ tale actually works. Drinking lots of water can reduce sweat production. And when you sweat less, there are fewer sweat stains. Especially on hot days like lately, you should drink a lot of fluids.

Glue panty liners under the arms

The most common occurrences of sweat stains are under the arms. Because that’s where you sweat the most. There is a little trick for this: buy thin panty liners and stick them on the inside of your shirt under your armpits. The insoles soak up the sweat and so you have no sweat stains under your armpits despite the high temperatures.

The right clothing against sweat stains

Another good tip against sweat stains is to wear the right clothing. For example, do without synthetic fibers. Cotton is more breathable than synthetic fiber, which often increases sweating. So, before a sweaty day, go for a cotton shirt in the morning. In addition, clothing should be airy. Because if the shirt is loose, it doesn’t happen that often that sweat stains form.

Dab quickly

As soon as you find yourself starting to sweat, you should quickly pat your skin dry with a dry cloth. Of course only if that is possible. Dabbing won’t prevent you from continuing to sweat, but at least the clothes won’t get stuck. Then the hated sweat stains stay away.

Let the deodorant dry out well prevents sweat stains

A good deodorant is essential on hot summer days. Make sure you are using an antiperspirant that does not contain aluminum. Because that prevents excessive perspiration. You should also always let the deodorant dry out well before you leave the apartment. Because a deodorant can only help against sweat when it is dry. So just apply the deodorant in the morning after getting up and only then drink the coffee. This simple trick can work wonders.


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