We love summer – but that doesn’t necessarily have to apply to our hair as well. Because they don’t get along very well with heat, salt, and chlorine. All of this weighs down our hair and we feel it very quickly. Letting them air dry can therefore work wonders.

However, not every hair structure requires the same care and routine. Of course, this also applies to air drying. We will introduce you to the right routine for every hair structure so that your hair remains well-groomed in summer.

That’s why you should air-dry your hair every now and then

In summer we love to sunbathe, jump in the pool or into the sea and enjoy life to the fullest. We like to ignore the fact that the heat in combination with salt or chlorinated water is not exactly helpful for the care of our hair. The result of neglect: straw hair, split ends, and a curling mane like Hagrid from Harry Potter. One way to reduce the weight of your hair is to keep the heat to a minimum. We can’t change the weather (of course we don’t want that either), but our care routine can. Therefore: Put away your hairdryer, curling iron, or straightening iron this summer and follow these tips:

Curly hair


In most cases, curly hair has a very special hair structure, which makes it a lot more prone to dryness than, for example, straight hair. Shine is always a difficult thing to do with curly hair in summer. Care does not begin with air drying, but with the hair wash. Always use a conditioner or hair mask when washing your hair to provide plenty of moisture. After washing, knead your hair with a towel or use a cotton T-shirt to dry it. Then it’s best to knead a little hair oil into the ends of the hair and curls so that the curls simply shine with shine. Then just wait for the hair to dry. Our shampoo tip for curly hair: The Moroccanoil Curl Enhancing Shampoo with vegetable proteins and argan oil. It strengthens and nourishes the hair at the same time.

Afro hair

Even with Afro hair, care begins before air drying in the shower. Shampoos without sulfates are the motto, as the additives can dry out the hair very easily. A moisturizing conditioner is recommended for afro hair, just as it is for curly hair. Instead of a terry towel, it is best to use a microfiber cloth to dry off and knead from the tips to the hairline. Let the hair dry slightly and then massage in a sustainable leave-in care product, like this one from Afrolocke especially for curls. It detangles the hair and strengthens particularly fragile hair fibers.

After the necessary shine and the definition of the curls have already been provided, the hair is almost dry. In the end, simply freshen up with a bit of styling cream and you’re done!

Straight hair

The biggest problem with straight hair is to create the desired volume and shine even without airflow. In the best case, a volume shampoo or shine shampoo should help. For example, the new Blonde Revival Shampoo from Aveda is perfect for blonde hair. This refreshes the hair color and ensures the right shine.

Since straight hair often has more moisture anyway, conditioner does not have to be rubbed into wet hair every time you wash your hair. After shampooing, pre-dry your hair with a towel and comb through it briefly. When the hair is dry, put a bit of hair oil on the tips, rub the hair lightly with your hands to create a slightly wilder mane, and you can leave the house style.


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