What is a cat’s favorite pastime? Immediately after eating and playing there is really only one thing to do: sleep. And that for a long time and extensively. To be precise, a kitty spends more than two-thirds of the day (around 16 hours) dozing, sleeping, and sometimes even snoring. Of course, this is only an average and every cat behaves individually, but cats just need their beauty sleep, this is very important. Bedtime takes a little longer, especially when the weather changes.

How long does a cat sleep?

How long it rests each day also depends on the kitty’s age. Very young kittens need much more rest than, for example, cats between the ages of two and three years. As you get older, the amount of sleep increases again.

In addition, it depends on hunger whether your cat allows itself a few quiet minutes or faces you meowing. Because sleeping on an empty stomach is not possible at all.

Indoor cats in particular are very flexible. That means, they imitate the daily routine of humans and adapt themselves ideally. If the mistress and/or master is at work during the day, it is easy to doze off so that there is enough time to play, eat and cuddle later when the can opener is back home. Nevertheless, cats should always be kept in pairs at least in order to be able to occupy each other between naps.

Most cats just doze

By the way: a cat always looks as if it is sleeping soundly, but in reality, it is on constant alert despite the state of rest. Is there a loud noise or something is happening in the vicinity – whether indoors or outdoors – the kitty is very likely to notice it and can react quickly. She will then get to her feet as quickly as possible and possibly crawl somewhere.

It usually takes longer before the kitty gets up and is really awake. First, she yawns long and hard, then she gets up very slowly and stretches so that she can get really fit again and get back to the daily game. By the way, the stretching of the cat doesn’t always look pleasant for us humans – however, the kitty is so agile that we don’t mind absurd contortions.

Don’t forget to wash your cat after sleeping

No stop! One thing still has to be done, of course: the cat wash. After all, the fur could be a little crushed or even dirty while lying down and the beauty sleep should also make you really beautiful …

In some cases, increased sleep can also be an indication of illness. If the kitty changes her sleeping habits within a short period of time and is dozing a lot more than before, you should consult a veterinarian to be on the safe side.


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