Oh, how beautiful is the summer! The feeling of driving to the lake with the window open, feeling the sand under your toes, wearing delicate fabrics instead of thick sweaters, sitting on the balcony or in the garden until late at night, the sweet scent of blooming flowers in your nose … Man could go on raving like this forever – but we all know: There are always two sides of the same coin. Even the warm season has a few downsides, and for precisely these cases we have four real-life hacks ready with which you can get through the summer without any problems.

Sweat doesn’t matter!

This hack is essential, especially for fashionistas. In every wardrobe, there is one of the other piece that you don’t like to wear. The reason: sweat stains! From now on, such doubts are a thing of the past, because with this trick we ensure dry armpits. No matter how high the temperatures climb. The solution: panty liners! The tip may sound strange at first, but it is very helpful. Simply glue a panty liner into the lower part of the sleeve at armpit level on the inside of a shirt or dress. If you start to sweat now, the sweat is caught directly by the padded insoles.

Ready to mingle.

What do summer and rising temperatures have in common? Exactly, the libido increases. No wonder that with us, whether single or in a relationship, the desire for physical closeness increases enormously. Unless intimate problems such as fungal and other vaginal infections or pain during sex affect the desire for togetherness. So how do you take proper care as a woman? With the Lactamousse care foam, which gently cleanses and cares for our vulva every day. In order to additionally strengthen the vaginal environment, the Gynophilus Protect vaginal tablets provide protection against infections and optimize our vaginal flora after just two applications. It is better to love it if it is well protected and provided for.

I avo you!

Chlorine, sand, and sun often make hair look brittle, dry, and somehow dull. This usually doesn’t look nice at all and is also not good for your hair structure. What can you do in an easy peasy way? Smear an avocado in your hair. Okay, an avocado mask to be precise. To do this, you simply mix half an avocado, a teaspoon of olive oil, and a splash of lemon juice (yes, this is where the lemon comes in). Then you apply it to the entire hair and leave the mask on for 20 minutes. The result: The hair feels like it has been reborn – and so do you, of course!

Smelly smell!

In summer, bathing shoes, flip-flops, and the like are not for everyone. Many prefer to use ballerinas or sneakers. Even if these complete the perfectly put-together OOTD, sweaty feet are often followed by smelly shoes. Ewwww! You can remedy this with baking soda. This is generously distributed in the respective shoes. Then you should let it dry out overnight and vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner so that no residue is left behind. And already you have no more stinking mountain pines.


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