Since the colorful mix of Siamese and Burma is comparatively robust, many representatives of the breed are happy about being free. In addition, Tonkanese needs a lot of attention and wants to be employed regularly. The cat is therefore only recommended to a limited extent for full-time workers. At best, it should be kept with a conspecific.

The Tonkinese originated from a cross between Siamese and Burma cats. The characteristic of the medium-sized cat is their special coat gloss, which is described with the main color direction “Mink”.

Since their first parents (Siamese and Burma cats) have lived side by side in Asia since prehistoric times, it is assumed that mixtures such as the Tonkinese have been found in Asia for countless years. In 1930 an American ship’s doctor brought a Tonkanese back from Rangoon from a trip. The cat, named Wong Mau, eventually became the ancestral mother of the breed.

To this day, the Tonkinese is one of the rare cat breeds, as it is not recognized by any cat associations either in the USA or in Europe. While the World Cat Federation (WCF) and the TICA (The International Cat Association) already have the Tonkanese as an independent breed, the FiFé (Fédération Internationale Féline) has not yet achieved recognition.

Breed-specific traits

Tonkinese should be lively and very playful, but by no means hyperactive. In addition, they are considered intelligent and curious. They are sometimes reported to enjoy fetching games and high seats.

The cat breed is described as loving and interested in its people and gets along well with dogs (with appropriate socialization). These are very sociable animals that appreciate family contact and usually do not like to be alone.

In addition, most of the Tonkinese has a good dose of humor and are always in the mood for exuberant pranks. As a holder, you can therefore expect a lot. However, you can’t be angry with the cute pedigree cat for long, as its friendly nature softens almost every heart in a matter of seconds.

Attitude and care

The Tonkinese is actually one of the indoor cats. However, since they are much more robust than their close relatives the Siamese, many representatives of the breed are happy about regular free-run – some representatives of the breed should also like to walk on a cat leash.

Anyone who decides to keep a Tonkanese must be aware that the pedigree cat is very sociable and demands a lot of attention from its master. Since she does not like to be left alone, full-time employees should reconsider the purchase of a Tonkinese or urgently think about keeping a second cat.

The fur of the velvet paw is very short, so it does not require extensive care. It should be combed with a soft brush several times a week and rubbed off every now and then with a damp cloth.

Fortunately, the Tonkinese is one of the very healthy cat breeds. No diseases typical of the breed are known to date.


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