It can get hot in summer. And then annoying sweat stains are not long in coming. But you can easily prevent it with a few little tricks.

These five simple hacks will help fight sweat stains:

Drinking water

What sounds like an old wives’ tale actually works. Drinking lots of water can reduce sweat production. And when you sweat less, there are fewer sweat stains. Especially on hot days like lately, you should drink a lot of fluids.

Glue panty liners under the arms

The most common occurrences of sweat stains are under the arms. Because that’s where you sweat the most. There is a little trick for this: buy thin panty liners and stick them on the inside of your shirt under your armpits. The insoles soak up the sweat and so you have no sweat stains under your armpits despite the high temperatures.

The right clothing against sweat stains

Another good tip against sweat stains is to wear the right clothing. For example, do without synthetic fibers. Cotton is more breathable than synthetic fiber, which often increases sweating. So, before a sweaty day, go for a cotton shirt in the morning. In addition, clothing should be airy. Because if the shirt is loose, it doesn’t happen that often that sweat stains form.

Dab quickly

As soon as you find yourself starting to sweat, you should quickly pat your skin dry with a dry cloth. Of course only if that is possible. Dabbing won’t prevent you from continuing to sweat, but at least the clothes won’t get stuck. Then the hated sweat stains stay away.

Let the deodorant dry out well prevents sweat stains

A good deodorant is essential on hot summer days. Make sure you are using an antiperspirant that does not contain aluminum. Because that prevents excessive perspiration. You should also always let the deodorant dry out well before you leave the apartment. Because a deodorant can only help against sweat when it is dry. So just apply the deodorant in the morning after getting up and only then drink the coffee. This simple trick can work wonders.

Oh, how beautiful is the summer! The feeling of driving to the lake with the window open, feeling the sand under your toes, wearing delicate fabrics instead of thick sweaters, sitting on the balcony or in the garden until late at night, the sweet scent of blooming flowers in your nose … Man could go on raving like this forever – but we all know: There are always two sides of the same coin. Even the warm season has a few downsides, and for precisely these cases we have four real-life hacks ready with which you can get through the summer without any problems.

Sweat doesn’t matter!

This hack is essential, especially for fashionistas. In every wardrobe, there is one of the other piece that you don’t like to wear. The reason: sweat stains! From now on, such doubts are a thing of the past, because with this trick we ensure dry armpits. No matter how high the temperatures climb. The solution: panty liners! The tip may sound strange at first, but it is very helpful. Simply glue a panty liner into the lower part of the sleeve at armpit level on the inside of a shirt or dress. If you start to sweat now, the sweat is caught directly by the padded insoles.

Ready to mingle.

What do summer and rising temperatures have in common? Exactly, the libido increases. No wonder that with us, whether single or in a relationship, the desire for physical closeness increases enormously. Unless intimate problems such as fungal and other vaginal infections or pain during sex affect the desire for togetherness. So how do you take proper care as a woman? With the Lactamousse care foam, which gently cleanses and cares for our vulva every day. In order to additionally strengthen the vaginal environment, the Gynophilus Protect vaginal tablets provide protection against infections and optimize our vaginal flora after just two applications. It is better to love it if it is well protected and provided for.

I avo you!

Chlorine, sand, and sun often make hair look brittle, dry, and somehow dull. This usually doesn’t look nice at all and is also not good for your hair structure. What can you do in an easy peasy way? Smear an avocado in your hair. Okay, an avocado mask to be precise. To do this, you simply mix half an avocado, a teaspoon of olive oil, and a splash of lemon juice (yes, this is where the lemon comes in). Then you apply it to the entire hair and leave the mask on for 20 minutes. The result: The hair feels like it has been reborn – and so do you, of course!

Smelly smell!

In summer, bathing shoes, flip-flops, and the like are not for everyone. Many prefer to use ballerinas or sneakers. Even if these complete the perfectly put-together OOTD, sweaty feet are often followed by smelly shoes. Ewwww! You can remedy this with baking soda. This is generously distributed in the respective shoes. Then you should let it dry out overnight and vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner so that no residue is left behind. And already you have no more stinking mountain pines.

Too much coloring or too little care is not always to blame for our hair looking broken and brittle. Certain hairstyles can also damage our hair structure and even cause hair loss. These three hairstyles in particular are particularly harmful to your hair.

Straightened hair

We love the sleaky look, but it’s definitely not good for our hair if we work it with the straightening iron every day. The heat destroys our hair structure, which means that it dries out more and more and looks straw-like. Split ends are also aggravated by the heat. If you can’t do without the straightening iron, you should definitely make sure to pamper your hair with a moisturizing hair treatment and apply for heat protection before straightening.

The ponytail

Even if it is the everyday hairstyle, it is still far from good for our hair. Sure, the ponytail is the savior on a bad hair day, but otherwise, you should try to avoid this hairstyle. With the hair elastic, our hair breaks off much faster, especially if the elastic still has some metal. This damages the hair. Therefore, it is better to use Invisibobble hair ties if you can’t do without your favorite hairstyle.

3rd bun

Not only is the ponytail a real nightmare for our hair, but the classic bun also is not exactly the ultimate. Especially when it is strictly coiffed. Continuous pulling on the hair follicle can lead to hair loss in the long run. Better to style a bun in an undone look. Not perfect for our hair either, but still better than the strict bun.

We all know the Bad Hair Days. But what if the day becomes a week and the week becomes a week? The structure of your hair can be an indication that something is wrong with your health. We’ll tell you what your hair wants to whisper to you.

Thin and dull, brittle or graying quickly. Very few of us have the head of hair from the lady from the L’Oréal advertisement.

Our coat changes in the course of life

As a kid, you had a wale mane like Carrie Bradshaw. Today your hair is so thin that the slightest whiff of the cough from your counterpart sweeps it all through. That your hair changes in the course of your life is quite normal and is due to the hormones. Pregnant women can sing a song about it. But does your former mane suddenly look dull or gray? If your hair is brittle or falling out, it can be an indication that something is wrong.

Your hair is damaged or brittle

After a beach vacation, there is a strong suspicion that too much heat and too little humidity were involved. But is your attempt to spice it up with care products unsuccessful or can you not find a clear cause for the new “look”? Then a lack of nutrients due to too much stress could be the reason for your hair to become ailing. So try to shift down a gear and supply your organism with sufficient iron, zinc, chromium, and potassium. Especially as a vegan, you should make sure that you get enough iron and B vitamins.

Your hair looks dull or is getting thinner and thinner

Then you should question your junk food consumption or stay away from crash diets. Most of the time, these symptoms are caused by an unbalanced diet. You lack protein, important trace elements, and minerals. Incidentally, also the reason why many people who suffer from anorexia get thin hair.

Your hair is falling out more

Daily brushing has become an ordeal for you due to hair loss. Don’t panic 100 pieces a day are completely normal. However, if the number is significantly higher, stress or depression could be the cause. Both of these can lead to inflammation at the hair roots and cause hair loss. Another reason can be iron deficiency. A doctor can quickly freshen you up with suitable preparations or an infusion.

If your scalp hair falls out in places, you should definitely consult a doctor. Your thyroid may not be working optimally. Another reason could be a scalp infection caused by fungi or bacteria. This can also be a side effect of medication, for example.

Your hair turns gray very quickly

Whether we get the first gray hairs as teenagers or in our early 40s mostly depends on our genes. But if you have become Methuselah in a short period of time, that could be a sign of stress. Stress acidifies the body and can sometimes turn your hair gray. The reason is usually not in the last few days, but up to six months ago. But hormones such as estrogen also have an influence on the dye formation in your hair. The herbal remedies monk’s pepper or maca can compensate for a lack of estrogen and bring your hormonal balance into balance.

Suddenly struggling with hair loss comes as a shock to many. Women in particular suffer from it when they suddenly run out of hair. Often our bodies simply reflect our insides. Because in most cases the reasons for this are unhealthy diet, hormone fluctuations, or psychological complaints such as stress.

Seeing a few hairs in the brush is nothing to worry about. Because hair loss is something completely natural and losing around 100 hairs in a day is even normal. You should only worry if you suddenly lose more hair than usual and it just doesn’t want to grow back. Then a visit to the doctor is urgently necessary.

These can be the reasons for excessive hair loss:

Hormone-related hair loss

Everyone has a mix of the female sex hormone estrogen and the male hormone testosterone in their bodies. When this mixture gets out of whack, it can lead to excessive hair loss. But that’s not as dramatic as it sounds, because most of the time it’s a normal reaction to hormonal contraceptives, pregnancy, or menopause. A trip to the gynecologist or a pill change usually fixes the problem and the hair grows back normally.

Unhealthy lifestyle

Our diet or activities also affect our hair. Because an unhealthy lifestyle causes vitamin deficiencies. Important vitamins that our hair roots and scalp need are then no longer absorbed by our body and hair loss occurs. First and foremost, you should then use more fruits and vegetables again and make sure that your diet is balanced. If that doesn’t help, a nutritionist can help you and identify possible deficiency symptoms.


Excessive stress can also get at our hair. It has a negative effect on the hormone and nutrient balance and hormone-related hair loss occurs. But don’t worry: not all types of stress are bad for the body, and sometimes you even need them. Being in stressful situations every now and then won’t cause hair loss on the spot. However, if the stress persists over a longer period of time, hair loss is quite possible. Then you should try to avoid stressful situations and continue to watch your hair.

Inherited hair loss

In most cases, excessive hair loss means it was inherited by you. This is especially true for men because almost every second man suffers from it at some point in his life. This is usually noticeable through a receding hairline. But women can also suffer from inherited hair loss; around one in five is actually affected. In women, however, it is noticeable differently: It spreads from the head down. In this case, on the other hand, there is not much that can be done, because it is simply inherited and is not “curable”.

If you suddenly suffer from hair loss and you are unsure what could be the cause, please consult a doctor!

In summer you just don’t feel like turning on the blow dryer to dry your hair. That’s why you just let them air dry. But then the hair usually doesn’t look that good anymore.

So that your hair is a real eye-catcher even after it has air-dried, we have six tricks here on how you can do it very easily:

The right length

Long hair is of course an advantage when air-drying. Because the longer they are, the heavier they are. That is why they pull themselves down when they are wet and so most of them stay nice and smooth and there are no tufts of hair. However, short hair dries faster. Then you can style them more easily.

The right cut

They can only look good when air-dried if they are nicely cut. So the walk to the hairdresser’s shouldn’t have been that long. If you let your hair dry without a hairdryer, you can see every mistake and that can also be very annoying.

Wash properly

You can take care of your hair while washing it for the perfect look after air-drying. Especially shampoos that donate a lot of moisture are helpful. You should also use a moisturizing mask every now and then. Because they close the cuticle and make your hair look much smoother and better-groomed. Even after air drying.

Dry properly with the towel

Avoid rubbing your hair dry with the towel after you shower. Because that causes small breaks in the strands. Instead, you should slowly push the towel from the root of the hair to the tip. Because this way the excess water goes away and the strands still remain healthy. A very simple trick and your hair will look a lot better. Plus, it stretches them too, and no typical frizz develops.

Style properly

Proper styling can also help your hair look its best after air-drying. You should already massage a good hair oil into towel-dried hair and shake it loosely with your hand. This is how beautiful natural beach waves are created that last all day. You can also tie it into a bun when it is wet and open it again after it has dried. This gives your mane nice volume.

Never go to sleep with your hair wet

This is an absolute no-go! If you go to sleep with your hair wet, even the best styling won’t help you the next day. Because at night your hair becomes real dreadlocks. It also damages your hair structure tremendously. Because wet hair is much more sensitive than when it is dry.

June 8th is World Ocean Day – a big day for one of the most important natural spaces there is. Because the oceans are not only there for us humans to splash around in summer, but rather they serve as living space for thousands of living things and swallow up to 70 percent of the CO2 emissions caused by humans! Reason enough to give something back to our beloved, salty waters, which is why we have summarized the six best tips for protecting the oceans for you!


It sounds so simple at first, but the fact is that less than 20 percent of all plastic waste in the DACH region is recycled. The result? The remaining plastic is burned, shipped, or ends up in the sea via streams and rivers. In addition, the production of new plastic is often cheaper than sorting and processing the used material. That is bitter. In your private life, you shouldn’t let that deter you. Only separated waste can be meaningfully recycled. And the low recycling yield shouldn’t be our fault.

No microplastics!

Microplastics are tiny plastic particles with a diameter of less than 5 mm. Some of these microplastic particles are produced specifically for cosmetics, toothpaste, or baby diapers. Or they arise from the disintegration of plastic products, such as the frequent washing of nylon stockings, etc. Try to do without such products and, if possible, rely on products that address the problem of microplastics and look for alternatives, such as Biotherm does, for example. Since it was founded in 1952, water has literally been the most important element for Biotherm, which is why the brand founded the “Water Lovers” platform in 2012, which is committed to protecting waters around the world.

Go collect garbage!

That might sound like Sisyphus’s work to some, but every beginning is difficult, and each and every one of us can do something about it. Because a turtle, a dolphin, or just a small fish in the great wide ocean can suffocate and perish on just a small plastic bag. Therefore: Don’t be too bad for yourself, pick up the empty can, tidy away the plastic packaging from the six-pack and thus help out the waters of the earth a little. Because, above all, small deeds change and improve our beautiful world!

Get involved!

There are countless organizations that have shifted protecting our seas. Even if not everyone can become a “Sea Shepard”, we can support these extraordinary people. This can be of a financial nature, or you volunteer to help out, collect donations, help to get signatures for various environmental initiatives, or organize #CleanUps in your area. Everything according to the motto “small deeds changes the world”!

Buy products made from “marine plastic”

There are now some companies that pull waste from the oceans and produce something completely new from it. From marine litter, for example, there are already trainers, swimwear, packaging, and much more. You can find great products via Google where everyone can find something. This not only raises your wardrobe to a new level of fashion and sustainability but also helps these organizations to fish and recycle even more rubbish from the oceans. Yayyyyy!

Tell ‘sea!

Friends’ opinions are important. Perhaps she’s already given up smoking in one person, and in-car racing in another. Tell your friends and relatives about the sea and why it is so important for our world and existence. Share petitions and interesting articles on social media. Let those around you know when you’ve read interesting facts about the oceans. Reports of dwindling fish stocks, water pollution, extinction of species. Something is sure to get stuck and the next one never throws his cigarette into the stream, river, or sea again. Make sure, however, that you do not look like a moral apostle, because arrogance does not save our oceans either!

Solid shampoo is all the rage these days, and drug store shelves are filled with tons of variations. But you can also easily make the environmentally conscious cosmetic product yourself.

We’ll show you how you can make your own solid shampoo with essential oils to suit your hair type.

Hair soap vs. solid shampoo: that’s the difference

It is environmentally conscious and incredibly economical: Solid shampoo is becoming increasingly popular and countless major cosmetic brands are now producing the plastic-free alternative to classic hair shampoo. The cosmetic product should not be confused with a hair soap. In contrast to the soap, solid shampoo is not as moisturizing and therefore incredibly suitable for thin and quickly greasy hair. If you also add the right oils, you can use the product for all possible hair types.

That’s how it works:

Make solid shampoo yourself

Solid shampoo is already offered by many different cosmetic brands. But if you prefer to do it yourself, you can easily do it at home. You don’t need much for that either.

Here is the basic recipe:

  • 50 g cocoa butter or shea butter.
  • 100 g of the plant-based surfactant SLSA (Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate) or surfactant SCI (Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate). You can get this in the pharmacy or in natural cosmetics stores.
  • 100 g cornstarch.
  • A dust cover (for example a large cloth).
  • matching molds (silicone molds for muffins are particularly suitable here).

How to do it:

  1. Put on dust protection: The surfactant is mild and approved for use in natural cosmetic products. However, the powder is quite dusty and shouldn’t necessarily get into the airways. So better be on the safe side!
  2. Mix the surfactant and cornstarch in a bowl.
  3. Melt cocoa or shea butter in a water bath and then add to the other ingredients.
  4. Knead: Knead everything until the ingredients are well mixed together.
  5. Essential Oils: Add essential oils if desired. Here you can use different oils depending on your hair type (see below).
  6. Food coloring: You can also add some food coloring to make the solid shampoo look better.
  7. Press the mixture into the mold and let it harden for at least 24 hours. And your homemade solid shampoo is ready!

Essential oils for more care

Depending on your hair type, you should also add essential oils to the basic recipe for more protection and care. For the solid shampoo, you can add between 10 and 20 drops of the fragrances and also combine several oils with one another.

Each essential oil has a different power and effect on hair:

  • Cedar: This essential oil works wonders for hair loss but also supports oily hair.
  • Lavender: Lavender helps especially with dry hair and gives it new strength. This oil is also highly recommended for split ends.
  • Chamomile: This oil has a calming effect and is therefore particularly helpful for itchy scalp.
  • Rosemary: Rosemary also calms and strengthens. You should use this essential oil especially on quickly greasy scalps and irritated areas.
  • Lemon: Lemon oil is perfect for blonde hair. Because it gives new strength and makes the color shine again.
  • Eucalyptus: This plant stimulates the scalp. If you have particularly thin hair and want to stimulate hair growth, you should use this oil.
  • Tea tree oil: The effect of tea tree oil has long been known in cosmetics and is therefore often used in anti-dandruff shampoos. But the oil also helps against oily hair.

True to the motto: “I want a HOT DATE, not a HOT PLANET”, we are focusing today on the subject of sustainability in the area of personal care. A topic that we all know and that affects each and every one of us. That is why we have summarized the best tips and tricks for you to make life easier in our beautiful world and to make us even more beautiful on top.

Come under the shower!

If we’re being completely honest, we have to admit that we have way too many shampoos, conditioners, and washing lotions. There is never enough space on the shelf in the shower and we have an almost endless supply of all kinds of care products that rot in our bathroom boxes. In order to calm our guilty conscience in the long run and hopefully drive it away, simply switch to “fixed” alternatives. Solid shampoo, conditioner, and soaps are now available in every drugstore, and in some cases even from well-known manufacturers. So, get rid of the superfluous plastic waste and get your soap bar under the shower!

Wild, Trimmed, or Smooth?

No matter how you feel most comfortable, it is important that you think about the environment when you shave. Because in addition to the high water consumption that is often associated with hair removal, you should also pay close attention to the choice of your razor. For this purpose, BIC has released its first system razor, the BIC Click Soleil 3 Sensitive. The handle is made from 30% recycled plastic, the sustainable packaging is made from 80% recycled paper and everything is available at an unbeatable price at all drugstores.

Baring teeth – rawrrrr!

Yasss girl – who needs make-up when we can put on our most beautiful smile ?! To keep our teeth beautiful and well-groomed, it is important to brush our teeth every day. When it comes to dental care, there are also great alternatives to plastic brushes and common kinds of toothpaste, which are usually also in plastic packaging and are also contaminated with microplastics. Most of us probably already know toothbrushes made of bamboo, in addition, it is advisable to switch to kinds of toothpaste from natural cosmetics companies. These offer care products in tablet form, but also in liquid form, and of course the whole thing is packaged as sustainably as possible in glass or paper.

Cotton pads, make-up removing tissues, and ear swabs

No, no, no – we declare war on these three environmental killers! Of course, it’s easy and at first, it might even seem cheaper to buy single-use products, but in the long run, these three toiletries are real money guzzlers and destroy the environment. Sooner or later they all end up in our rivers and oceans, where they poison and kill fish, birds, and other water dwellers because they do not decompose! It is therefore imperative to use reusable products, all of which are now also available in most drug stores and pharmacies. Make-up removal pads that don’t need anything but water to clean your face, or bamboo ear swabs that you can reuse. Tortoise and Co will thank you!

STOP water !!!

We actually heard and learned about it in kindergarten – turn off the tap when you lather your hands or brush your teeth, rather jump into the shower instead of taking a full bath and be careful not to flush too long when flushing the toilet … so far the theory. Now it was a year or two ago our kindergarten days and we got a little tired of saving water. Recall these environmentally friendly habits and save water wherever possible, have water ready when you shave and don’t always turn the tap on and off, shorten your daily shower by a few minutes and use a mug when brushing your teeth. With these little everyday hacks, you will save money, water and help the environment!

What would we do without a cup of coffee in the morning? Presumably, go back to sleep. The brown-gold is essential for our day. Incidentally, you shouldn’t throw away the coffee grounds.

Because this is perfect to replace many expensive beauty products:

Coffee grounds as a facial scrub

The antioxidants in coffee can counteract the skin aging process. The caffeine stimulates blood circulation and makes the skin look fresher. The coarse grains of the coffee grounds also remove dead skin, which really makes our complexion shine. An ideal peeling for our skin. And this is how you do your facial scrub with coffee grounds:

  • 2 teaspoons of coffee grounds
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 2 tbsp olive oil

Mix and apply to face and neck. Then massage gently into the skin, avoiding the eye area.

Coffee as a hair treatment

Caffeine promotes hair growth by stimulating the hair roots. The antioxidants also protect against hair breakage. All good prerequisites for hair treatment. But be careful: coffee stains. So blondes shouldn’t throw their conventional hair treatment out the window. But if you have dark hair, you can simply massage a cup of coffee including coffee grounds into your hair and scalp, leave it on for twenty minutes, and rinse thoroughly. It’s already done the DIY coffee hair treatment.

Foot rasp

You can also say goodbye to annoying calluses thanks to coffee grounds. Simply mix a teaspoon of coffee grounds with olive oil and massage your feet with it. The granules remove flakes of skin and the caffeine stimulates blood circulation. Then you can safely throw the rasp into the bucket.

Coffee grounds as a body scrub

Coffee grounds are a great beauty product not only for the facial skin but also for the rest of the body. Because a body peeling with the waste product can not only improve the complexion but also prevent cellulite. And this is how the alternative to the body scrub works:

  • 1 cup of coffee
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil or jojoba oil
  • 1 teaspoon honey

Mix, distribute on the body, and massage in.

Coffee for alert eyes

You can also replace the eye cream with a little coffee grounds. Dab a finger full around the eyes, let it work in, and gently rinse off again. But be careful: In no case should you rub the granules around the eye area, because the skin there is very thin and sensitive.