Suddenly struggling with hair loss comes as a shock to many. Women in particular suffer from it when they suddenly run out of hair. Often our bodies simply reflect our insides. Because in most cases the reasons for this are unhealthy diet, hormone fluctuations, or psychological complaints such as stress.

Seeing a few hairs in the brush is nothing to worry about. Because hair loss is something completely natural and losing around 100 hairs in a day is even normal. You should only worry if you suddenly lose more hair than usual and it just doesn’t want to grow back. Then a visit to the doctor is urgently necessary.

These can be the reasons for excessive hair loss:

Hormone-related hair loss

Everyone has a mix of the female sex hormone estrogen and the male hormone testosterone in their bodies. When this mixture gets out of whack, it can lead to excessive hair loss. But that’s not as dramatic as it sounds, because most of the time it’s a normal reaction to hormonal contraceptives, pregnancy, or menopause. A trip to the gynecologist or a pill change usually fixes the problem and the hair grows back normally.

Unhealthy lifestyle

Our diet or activities also affect our hair. Because an unhealthy lifestyle causes vitamin deficiencies. Important vitamins that our hair roots and scalp need are then no longer absorbed by our body and hair loss occurs. First and foremost, you should then use more fruits and vegetables again and make sure that your diet is balanced. If that doesn’t help, a nutritionist can help you and identify possible deficiency symptoms.


Excessive stress can also get at our hair. It has a negative effect on the hormone and nutrient balance and hormone-related hair loss occurs. But don’t worry: not all types of stress are bad for the body, and sometimes you even need them. Being in stressful situations every now and then won’t cause hair loss on the spot. However, if the stress persists over a longer period of time, hair loss is quite possible. Then you should try to avoid stressful situations and continue to watch your hair.

Inherited hair loss

In most cases, excessive hair loss means it was inherited by you. This is especially true for men because almost every second man suffers from it at some point in his life. This is usually noticeable through a receding hairline. But women can also suffer from inherited hair loss; around one in five is actually affected. In women, however, it is noticeable differently: It spreads from the head down. In this case, on the other hand, there is not much that can be done, because it is simply inherited and is not “curable”.

If you suddenly suffer from hair loss and you are unsure what could be the cause, please consult a doctor!


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