In summer you just don’t feel like turning on the blow dryer to dry your hair. That’s why you just let them air dry. But then the hair usually doesn’t look that good anymore.

So that your hair is a real eye-catcher even after it has air-dried, we have six tricks here on how you can do it very easily:

The right length

Long hair is of course an advantage when air-drying. Because the longer they are, the heavier they are. That is why they pull themselves down when they are wet and so most of them stay nice and smooth and there are no tufts of hair. However, short hair dries faster. Then you can style them more easily.

The right cut

They can only look good when air-dried if they are nicely cut. So the walk to the hairdresser’s shouldn’t have been that long. If you let your hair dry without a hairdryer, you can see every mistake and that can also be very annoying.

Wash properly

You can take care of your hair while washing it for the perfect look after air-drying. Especially shampoos that donate a lot of moisture are helpful. You should also use a moisturizing mask every now and then. Because they close the cuticle and make your hair look much smoother and better-groomed. Even after air drying.

Dry properly with the towel

Avoid rubbing your hair dry with the towel after you shower. Because that causes small breaks in the strands. Instead, you should slowly push the towel from the root of the hair to the tip. Because this way the excess water goes away and the strands still remain healthy. A very simple trick and your hair will look a lot better. Plus, it stretches them too, and no typical frizz develops.

Style properly

Proper styling can also help your hair look its best after air-drying. You should already massage a good hair oil into towel-dried hair and shake it loosely with your hand. This is how beautiful natural beach waves are created that last all day. You can also tie it into a bun when it is wet and open it again after it has dried. This gives your mane nice volume.

Never go to sleep with your hair wet

This is an absolute no-go! If you go to sleep with your hair wet, even the best styling won’t help you the next day. Because at night your hair becomes real dreadlocks. It also damages your hair structure tremendously. Because wet hair is much more sensitive than when it is dry.


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