The smallest breed of cats in the world is characterized by its affectionate and human-related nature. Since it does not like to be alone, it should ideally be kept with someone of its own species. Although the Singapura is a very enterprising and lively pedigree cat, it usually gets along well with housing. However, it is important that there are enough opportunities for climbing and playing. If the Singapura occasionally has the opportunity to retreat to its cuddly cave in peace, it is also happy to have children in the household.

With a maximum weight of three kilograms, the Singapura is not only very light but also the smallest breed of cats in the world.

Although their name suggests otherwise, the origin of the petite cat breed has not yet been clearly established. It was initially assumed that the three breeding stock cats of the Singapura were exported from Singapore to the USA in the 1970s. Today, however, it is assumed that the velvet paws were first brought to Singapore from the USA and then re-imported back to the USA at a later date.

Although Americans Tommy and Hal Meadow adamantly claimed they imported three Singapore-born cats with a Brown Ticked colouration into the US in 1975, this statement has been questioned time and again. This was mainly due to the strong similarity of some Burma-Abyssinian crosses with the Singapura as well as the comparatively small litters of the cat breed, which are considered to be rather unusual for natural breeds.

More recent studies from 2007 also show that there are very few genetic differences between Singaporeans and Burmese. This reinforced doubts about the claim that the Singapura was a naturally originated breed.

Breed-specific traits

Singapura is considered a friendly and uncomplicated cat breed that likes to fixate on its humans. Regular and extensive cuddles with her two-legged friend are therefore very important to her. In addition, she has a habit of following her every step and is usually reluctant to leave his side. However, it should initially behave a little cautiously towards strangers and only thaw out after a shorter or longer period of getting used to it.

Some Singapura owners also report a bit of stubborn behavior from their cats. Since the velvet paws know how to wrap their two-legged friend around their paws, you can seldom be really angry with the smallest pedigree cat in the world.

Attitude and care

Due to their pleasant nature, the Singapura usually get along (and with appropriate socialization) both with conspecifics and other pets such as dogs. In addition, she usually gets along very well with children and likes to play with them – under the supervision of adults, of course. Since Singapura is curious and enterprising, it needs plenty of things to do and toys. Despite its liveliness, this breed gets along well with housing, provided it has enough space, a scratching post, and variety.

The company of humans and other conspecifics needs the Singapura like air to breathe. It is therefore strongly recommended that working cat lovers keep multiple cats.


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