Too much coloring or too little care is not always to blame for our hair looking broken and brittle. Certain hairstyles can also damage our hair structure and even cause hair loss. These three hairstyles in particular are particularly harmful to your hair.

Straightened hair

We love the sleaky look, but it’s definitely not good for our hair if we work it with the straightening iron every day. The heat destroys our hair structure, which means that it dries out more and more and looks straw-like. Split ends are also aggravated by the heat. If you can’t do without the straightening iron, you should definitely make sure to pamper your hair with a moisturizing hair treatment and apply for heat protection before straightening.

The ponytail

Even if it is the everyday hairstyle, it is still far from good for our hair. Sure, the ponytail is the savior on a bad hair day, but otherwise, you should try to avoid this hairstyle. With the hair elastic, our hair breaks off much faster, especially if the elastic still has some metal. This damages the hair. Therefore, it is better to use Invisibobble hair ties if you can’t do without your favorite hairstyle.

3rd bun

Not only is the ponytail a real nightmare for our hair, but the classic bun also is not exactly the ultimate. Especially when it is strictly coiffed. Continuous pulling on the hair follicle can lead to hair loss in the long run. Better to style a bun in an undone look. Not perfect for our hair either, but still better than the strict bun.


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