Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok – social media are full of numerous beauty tips that we like to imitate. However, some of them should definitely not be followed.

These beauty tips are completely forgotten:

Dark lip liner

What was a real trend in the 90s is a real faux pas today: Choose the lip liner a shade darker than the lipstick. A visible lip liner is probably the biggest beauty faux pas of all because it simply looks artificial. Today we prefer to focus on naturalness and not on artificial-looking lips. That’s why this is one of the worst beauty tips ever!

Shave and trace eyebrows

Unfortunately, many women still do it: completely shave off their eyebrows and then paint them on again with a pencil. Even if it sounds like a good plan at first, because the eyebrows are exactly the shape we want them to be, you shouldn’t do that. Because in 2021, naturalness will also be the top priority for beauty tricks – and let’s be honest, it doesn’t look natural! Bushy eyebrows have been incredibly modern since Cara Delevingne conquered the catwalks.

Warm up the eyelash curler

The idea of ​​warming the eyelash curler with a hairdryer is actually not that bad. After all, it works like a kind of straightening iron that is supposed to bring the hair into the right shape. But be careful! Your eyelashes are much more sensitive than the hair on your head. This makes it very easy for them to stick together or even break off if they get too much heat. So you better leave this beauty tip out, because it works even without heat.

Do not apply a cream to oily skin

This is arguably the biggest myth among beauty tips: If you have oily skin, you shouldn’t apply the cream. Actually, that sounds very logical, because the skin is already greasy enough anyway. If you have oily skin, there is a lack of moisture, which is why your oil glands try to compensate for the loss. Therefore: In any case, continue to use moisturizer to normalize your skin and the oil production of the skin again.

Clean too much

Before you apply the make-up, do you want to scrub your whole face well again? Of course, it is good to cleanse your skin thoroughly, but be careful. Because if you brush your face too much, it can happen that you also remove the natural protective layer of your skin. The oils your skin produces are important so that it doesn’t dry out and brave any weather. Therefore, you should be careful that you only use products that are not too intense and do not damage the protective layer. You should also never forget to apply lotion.


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