Oily hair can be really annoying. Here are 7 natural tips to help you feel better:

Proper washing

Hot water only stimulates the production of sebum – so rinse your shampoo thoroughly with lukewarm water.

The right shampoo

Avoid aggressive anti-fat shampoos – these dry out the scalp and make the hair oil even faster. Better: Nettle shampoo from the pharmacy. Nettle has a calming effect on the scalp and slows down the production of sebum.

Conditioner with mint tea

Put a couple of peppermint tea bags in boiling water, steep, and let cool. After washing your hair, massage the mint tea into your hair, do not rinse.

Conditioner with coltsfoot flowers

Add a handful of coltsfoot flowers (from the pharmacy) to half a liter of boiling water and wait for the water to turn dark and cool. Massage into hair after washing, do not rinse.

Hair treatment with healing clay

You should treat your hair to a hair treatment once or twice a week: Mix around 10 tablespoons of healing earth (health food store or pharmacy) with 200 milliliters of water and apply the paste to the scalp. Rinse well after about ten to twenty minutes.


The wrong diet also stimulates the production of sebum – and hair greases more quickly. Avoid sugar and alcohol, and make sure you eat alkaline vegetables (such as spinach, broccoli, and fennel). Too much salt also makes the hair greasy – so hands-off chips and co.

Styling products

Avoid blow-drying foam, volume mousse, and the like – because styling products weigh down the hair and make a greasy mane look even lankier.

We love summer – but that doesn’t necessarily have to apply to our hair as well. Because they don’t get along very well with heat, salt, and chlorine. All of this weighs down our hair and we feel it very quickly. Letting them air dry can therefore work wonders.

However, not every hair structure requires the same care and routine. Of course, this also applies to air drying. We will introduce you to the right routine for every hair structure so that your hair remains well-groomed in summer.

That’s why you should air-dry your hair every now and then

In summer we love to sunbathe, jump in the pool or into the sea and enjoy life to the fullest. We like to ignore the fact that the heat in combination with salt or chlorinated water is not exactly helpful for the care of our hair. The result of neglect: straw hair, split ends, and a curling mane like Hagrid from Harry Potter. One way to reduce the weight of your hair is to keep the heat to a minimum. We can’t change the weather (of course we don’t want that either), but our care routine can. Therefore: Put away your hairdryer, curling iron, or straightening iron this summer and follow these tips:

Curly hair


In most cases, curly hair has a very special hair structure, which makes it a lot more prone to dryness than, for example, straight hair. Shine is always a difficult thing to do with curly hair in summer. Care does not begin with air drying, but with the hair wash. Always use a conditioner or hair mask when washing your hair to provide plenty of moisture. After washing, knead your hair with a towel or use a cotton T-shirt to dry it. Then it’s best to knead a little hair oil into the ends of the hair and curls so that the curls simply shine with shine. Then just wait for the hair to dry. Our shampoo tip for curly hair: The Moroccanoil Curl Enhancing Shampoo with vegetable proteins and argan oil. It strengthens and nourishes the hair at the same time.

Afro hair

Even with Afro hair, care begins before air drying in the shower. Shampoos without sulfates are the motto, as the additives can dry out the hair very easily. A moisturizing conditioner is recommended for afro hair, just as it is for curly hair. Instead of a terry towel, it is best to use a microfiber cloth to dry off and knead from the tips to the hairline. Let the hair dry slightly and then massage in a sustainable leave-in care product, like this one from Afrolocke especially for curls. It detangles the hair and strengthens particularly fragile hair fibers.

After the necessary shine and the definition of the curls have already been provided, the hair is almost dry. In the end, simply freshen up with a bit of styling cream and you’re done!

Straight hair

The biggest problem with straight hair is to create the desired volume and shine even without airflow. In the best case, a volume shampoo or shine shampoo should help. For example, the new Blonde Revival Shampoo from Aveda is perfect for blonde hair. This refreshes the hair color and ensures the right shine.

Since straight hair often has more moisture anyway, conditioner does not have to be rubbed into wet hair every time you wash your hair. After shampooing, pre-dry your hair with a towel and comb through it briefly. When the hair is dry, put a bit of hair oil on the tips, rub the hair lightly with your hands to create a slightly wilder mane, and you can leave the house style.

Too much coloring or too little care is not always to blame for our hair looking broken and brittle. Certain hairstyles can also damage our hair structure and even cause hair loss. These three hairstyles in particular are particularly harmful to your hair.

Straightened hair

We love the sleaky look, but it’s definitely not good for our hair if we work it with the straightening iron every day. The heat destroys our hair structure, which means that it dries out more and more and looks straw-like. Split ends are also aggravated by the heat. If you can’t do without the straightening iron, you should definitely make sure to pamper your hair with a moisturizing hair treatment and apply for heat protection before straightening.

The ponytail

Even if it is the everyday hairstyle, it is still far from good for our hair. Sure, the ponytail is the savior on a bad hair day, but otherwise, you should try to avoid this hairstyle. With the hair elastic, our hair breaks off much faster, especially if the elastic still has some metal. This damages the hair. Therefore, it is better to use Invisibobble hair ties if you can’t do without your favorite hairstyle.

3rd bun

Not only is the ponytail a real nightmare for our hair, but the classic bun also is not exactly the ultimate. Especially when it is strictly coiffed. Continuous pulling on the hair follicle can lead to hair loss in the long run. Better to style a bun in an undone look. Not perfect for our hair either, but still better than the strict bun.

We all know the Bad Hair Days. But what if the day becomes a week and the week becomes a week? The structure of your hair can be an indication that something is wrong with your health. We’ll tell you what your hair wants to whisper to you.

Thin and dull, brittle or graying quickly. Very few of us have the head of hair from the lady from the L’Oréal advertisement.

Our coat changes in the course of life

As a kid, you had a wale mane like Carrie Bradshaw. Today your hair is so thin that the slightest whiff of the cough from your counterpart sweeps it all through. That your hair changes in the course of your life is quite normal and is due to the hormones. Pregnant women can sing a song about it. But does your former mane suddenly look dull or gray? If your hair is brittle or falling out, it can be an indication that something is wrong.

Your hair is damaged or brittle

After a beach vacation, there is a strong suspicion that too much heat and too little humidity were involved. But is your attempt to spice it up with care products unsuccessful or can you not find a clear cause for the new “look”? Then a lack of nutrients due to too much stress could be the reason for your hair to become ailing. So try to shift down a gear and supply your organism with sufficient iron, zinc, chromium, and potassium. Especially as a vegan, you should make sure that you get enough iron and B vitamins.

Your hair looks dull or is getting thinner and thinner

Then you should question your junk food consumption or stay away from crash diets. Most of the time, these symptoms are caused by an unbalanced diet. You lack protein, important trace elements, and minerals. Incidentally, also the reason why many people who suffer from anorexia get thin hair.

Your hair is falling out more

Daily brushing has become an ordeal for you due to hair loss. Don’t panic 100 pieces a day are completely normal. However, if the number is significantly higher, stress or depression could be the cause. Both of these can lead to inflammation at the hair roots and cause hair loss. Another reason can be iron deficiency. A doctor can quickly freshen you up with suitable preparations or an infusion.

If your scalp hair falls out in places, you should definitely consult a doctor. Your thyroid may not be working optimally. Another reason could be a scalp infection caused by fungi or bacteria. This can also be a side effect of medication, for example.

Your hair turns gray very quickly

Whether we get the first gray hairs as teenagers or in our early 40s mostly depends on our genes. But if you have become Methuselah in a short period of time, that could be a sign of stress. Stress acidifies the body and can sometimes turn your hair gray. The reason is usually not in the last few days, but up to six months ago. But hormones such as estrogen also have an influence on the dye formation in your hair. The herbal remedies monk’s pepper or maca can compensate for a lack of estrogen and bring your hormonal balance into balance.

Suddenly struggling with hair loss comes as a shock to many. Women in particular suffer from it when they suddenly run out of hair. Often our bodies simply reflect our insides. Because in most cases the reasons for this are unhealthy diet, hormone fluctuations, or psychological complaints such as stress.

Seeing a few hairs in the brush is nothing to worry about. Because hair loss is something completely natural and losing around 100 hairs in a day is even normal. You should only worry if you suddenly lose more hair than usual and it just doesn’t want to grow back. Then a visit to the doctor is urgently necessary.

These can be the reasons for excessive hair loss:

Hormone-related hair loss

Everyone has a mix of the female sex hormone estrogen and the male hormone testosterone in their bodies. When this mixture gets out of whack, it can lead to excessive hair loss. But that’s not as dramatic as it sounds, because most of the time it’s a normal reaction to hormonal contraceptives, pregnancy, or menopause. A trip to the gynecologist or a pill change usually fixes the problem and the hair grows back normally.

Unhealthy lifestyle

Our diet or activities also affect our hair. Because an unhealthy lifestyle causes vitamin deficiencies. Important vitamins that our hair roots and scalp need are then no longer absorbed by our body and hair loss occurs. First and foremost, you should then use more fruits and vegetables again and make sure that your diet is balanced. If that doesn’t help, a nutritionist can help you and identify possible deficiency symptoms.


Excessive stress can also get at our hair. It has a negative effect on the hormone and nutrient balance and hormone-related hair loss occurs. But don’t worry: not all types of stress are bad for the body, and sometimes you even need them. Being in stressful situations every now and then won’t cause hair loss on the spot. However, if the stress persists over a longer period of time, hair loss is quite possible. Then you should try to avoid stressful situations and continue to watch your hair.

Inherited hair loss

In most cases, excessive hair loss means it was inherited by you. This is especially true for men because almost every second man suffers from it at some point in his life. This is usually noticeable through a receding hairline. But women can also suffer from inherited hair loss; around one in five is actually affected. In women, however, it is noticeable differently: It spreads from the head down. In this case, on the other hand, there is not much that can be done, because it is simply inherited and is not “curable”.

If you suddenly suffer from hair loss and you are unsure what could be the cause, please consult a doctor!

In summer you just don’t feel like turning on the blow dryer to dry your hair. That’s why you just let them air dry. But then the hair usually doesn’t look that good anymore.

So that your hair is a real eye-catcher even after it has air-dried, we have six tricks here on how you can do it very easily:

The right length

Long hair is of course an advantage when air-drying. Because the longer they are, the heavier they are. That is why they pull themselves down when they are wet and so most of them stay nice and smooth and there are no tufts of hair. However, short hair dries faster. Then you can style them more easily.

The right cut

They can only look good when air-dried if they are nicely cut. So the walk to the hairdresser’s shouldn’t have been that long. If you let your hair dry without a hairdryer, you can see every mistake and that can also be very annoying.

Wash properly

You can take care of your hair while washing it for the perfect look after air-drying. Especially shampoos that donate a lot of moisture are helpful. You should also use a moisturizing mask every now and then. Because they close the cuticle and make your hair look much smoother and better-groomed. Even after air drying.

Dry properly with the towel

Avoid rubbing your hair dry with the towel after you shower. Because that causes small breaks in the strands. Instead, you should slowly push the towel from the root of the hair to the tip. Because this way the excess water goes away and the strands still remain healthy. A very simple trick and your hair will look a lot better. Plus, it stretches them too, and no typical frizz develops.

Style properly

Proper styling can also help your hair look its best after air-drying. You should already massage a good hair oil into towel-dried hair and shake it loosely with your hand. This is how beautiful natural beach waves are created that last all day. You can also tie it into a bun when it is wet and open it again after it has dried. This gives your mane nice volume.

Never go to sleep with your hair wet

This is an absolute no-go! If you go to sleep with your hair wet, even the best styling won’t help you the next day. Because at night your hair becomes real dreadlocks. It also damages your hair structure tremendously. Because wet hair is much more sensitive than when it is dry.

You just washed your hair fresh and somehow after a few hours you already have the feeling that it is stringy and greasy. This problem often spreads, particularly with thin hair. But now there is a solution.

Salicylic acid shampoos are said to work wonders on oily hair. And that’s why.

This shampoo helps against oily hair

Salicylic acid is commonly found in face care products. This active ingredient is often used against pimples in particular. Because it prevents clogged pores and is said to be good for cell renewal. But it should not only be good for our skin, but also for our hair. This is why salicylic acid is now increasingly found in shampoos.

Salicylic acid regulates sebum production

The oil and sebum that are produced at the hairline are good for our scalp and also ensure that our hair has a nice shine, but too much of it quickly makes it look greasy and stringy. This is prevented by the salicylic acid shampoo. Because it helps to regulate sebum production, which is responsible for oily hair.

Peeling effect for the scalp & anti-dandruff effect

The salicylic acid in the shampoo not only removes excess fat but also has a peeling effect on the scalp. This combats and removes dandruff. The active ingredient also has an antibacterial effect and makes our scalp healthier. And don’t worry: this shampoo is perfect even for sensitive scalps. Unlike the majority of conventional shampoos, salicylic acid shampoos do not contain any silicone that can build up on the hair or clog pores.

Salicylic acid shampoos are available in drug stores or pharmacies.

“May it be a little more?” Our hairdresser asks us more and more often what we normally only hear at the sausage counter. But what if the hairdresser cut off a little more than wanted or just doesn’t like the new look? No encouraging words like “It’s just hair …” or “That grows back again.”

If you don’t feel comfortable with your new hairstyle yourself, you need an emergency plan immediately. These five tricks will help you grow your hair faster:

Scalp massage

A massage is not only good for your back, but also for your scalp. 10 minutes a day stimulate the scalp, which in turn stimulates the hair roots and allows the hair to grow. Since such a massage can be quite difficult, there are already scalp massage sticks available.

Coconut oil

We are no longer surprised at all the other things coconut oil can do. Because the all-rounder is also a real blessing when it comes to hair growth. Massaged into the scalp before washing, it nourishes and helps the hair to grow back vigorously.

Inversion method

What sounds like complicated science is actually one of the easiest and fastest methods of adding an inch or two to the length of your hair. Again, oil is the key to hair growth: heat rosemary oil (or olive oil) a little and massage into the scalp, then it’s head down! The head should look down for a full four minutes – it’s best to sit on the back of the couch and carefully come back up after the four minutes. Now the oil can still work a little or the hair can be washed straight away. Then carry out the whole procedure for seven days and (if the rumors are true) there is an inch more hair on your head in no time. The whole thing can then be repeated after three weeks.

Plantur 21

There are also numerous products in the drugstore that are supposed to stimulate hair growth. One of our favorites is Plantur 21, a shampoo that is used every day to make hair sprout. Unfortunately, the product also tends to dry out the scalp.


In addition to all the products that have an external effect on our hair, you can also do good for your hair with the right diet and let it grow that way. Quinoa and Greek yogurt, for example, are said to ensure healthy, long hair. Salmon and nuts not only support a healthy diet but also support hair growth. So if you pay attention to your diet, you also promote hair growth.

How your hair fits, what cut you wear, or what hair color you have right now makes a lot of difference. Because they can either make you look younger or often older.

You should avoid these 5 hair mistakes in particular if you don’t want to look older than you are.

Brittle hair and dry ends

Especially if you work a lot with heat when styling and, for example, often curl your hair or use a straightening iron, this will quickly become noticeable in your hair. Split ends and dry strands are the results. And they make you look pretty old too. So make sure to protect your hair from the heat with special sprays and use hair treatments or oils regularly to moisturize your mane.

Hair that is too short

Even if it can look really stylish, you have to be careful with short hair. Because they can often make you look older than you are. Especially if you tend to have thin hair without volume, a short haircut may not be the best option. Just let your hairdresser advise you, who will certainly be able to give you good tips.

The wrong part

Yes, the parting also has a big impact on the overall look. If you wear it incorrectly, it can happen that you look a few years older, even though you don’t want to. Your face shape is crucial. Because depending on the shape, the parting should sit differently. For example, middle parting is better for oval and round faces. If you have an angular face, you can wear a side-parted well. Again, your hairdresser can best help you here.

The wrong hair color

The hair color can also emphasize your type. And even there you can do a lot wrong. Because, as with the cut or parting, of course not every color goes with every type. Here, too, the following applies: Let the hairdresser advise you, who will definitely find the perfect shade for you.

Dull hair

Your hair needs to glow too. Because the less radiance and shine they have, the older you look. Moisturizing products are therefore an absolute must. As soon as your mane looks dull and dull, you pack on top for a few years. The fresher and healthier your hair looks, the younger you look.

Blow-drying is part of the daily routine for many of us. Often it has to be done very quickly, which leads to mistakes and damages your hair.

Because these five mistakes we blow dry can damage your hair.

You blow dry straight away

Straight out of the shower and blow-dry straight away? D rather not! It is better to express your hair beforehand and wrap it in a towel to form a turban and leave it on your head for at least five minutes. This soaks up most of the moisture. On the other hand, if you blow-dry right away, you need a lot more blow-drying power and heat to get your hair dry – and that makes the hair brittle.

You rub your hair dry

Never rub your hair dry with a towel! Because this is how the outermost layer of hair is roughened – the hair breaks off more easily and becomes straw-like. If you have a particularly fine and sensitive hair structure, it is best to express your hair with a cotton T-shirt and then wrap it in a towel.

You brush your hair through before blow-drying

In order not to destroy the hair structure, you should only brush your hair when it is dry. So before washing and only afterward after they have been blow-dried completely. This is how they get nice and shiny.

You don’t blow dry completely

For lack of time, you often just blow dry your hair or stop even though a few small strands are still damp. However, this prevents the hair from shining nicely! Because when the damp strands rub against the dry ones, the hair structure is roughened and the mane looks dull.

You stop the hot air

In the end, you should always blow dry with the cold air function. This seals the surface and gives it a shine.