CBD is a real wonder drug in cosmetics. Because the natural product not only has hardly any side effects, it also fights against acne, hair loss, or stomach problems. A real all-rounder.

That is why we should use CBD much more often and do something good for our bodies.

What is CBD?

The abbreviation “CBD” stands for cannabidiol. It’s a naturally occurring chemical compound found in the resinous flower of the cannabis plant. This product has been used in medicine for years, for example against cancer or rheumatism. For some time now it has also become a true all-rounder in cosmetics.

CBD in skincare

CBD is particularly widely used in skincare. And not without reason: Because the natural active ingredient brings the skin back its resistance and thus helps to defend itself against blemished skin. Especially with acne, the hemp product works wonders and makes the skin soft again like a baby’s bottom. In addition, unlike other acne creams, this product has hardly any side effects and, according to some studies, leads to improvement particularly quickly.

In addition, CBD is a real miracle cure for neurodermatitis. Most products only have a preventive effect and are almost useless once the rash occurs. However, the hemp product wonderfully relieves itching and gives your skin the strength to defend itself against neurodermatitis.

Against inflammation

In America it has already become a real trend: hemp oil in teas or coffee can already be bought almost everywhere there. Because the oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and is particularly healthy. Hemp oil, which contains CBD, is used primarily for stomach problems and inflammation in the throat area to cause faster healing. However, the oil should not be consumed every day, because the body “gets used” to the effects at some point and therefore no longer reacts so well to it over time. Experts recommend drinking hemp oil a maximum of twice a week.

Use for hair loss

CBD shampoos are really good beauty products too. More and more natural cosmetics companies are using hemp oil. Especially with hair loss, CBD helps incredibly well. Because it not only promotes blood circulation in the scalp and thus stimulates growth, but also offers the hair good protection that makes it shine and grow healthily.

You should also use a CBD shampoo for dandruff. Because the antibacterial effect helps your scalp to regenerate and strengthens it.


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