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Morning oil pulling promises a gentle detox and healthy teeth. On top of that, the method should give us fresh breath, pure skin, and a fitter immune system. Sounds good! We have the facts about the beauty hype.

With oil pulling you can easily do something good for your body.

What is oil pulling?

The hype is actually not that new. In fact, “Oil Pulling” is a tried and tested natural healing method that has been used in India for centuries. In practice, oil is washed in the mouth to remove bacteria and promote oral hygiene. At the beginning of the 90s, the doctor Fedor Karach presented oil pulling as a miracle weapon against a multitude of diseases and also triggered the trend in this country.

In the teaching of Indian Ayurveda, it is assumed that the tongue is connected to various organs such as the heart, kidneys, lungs, and intestines. Following the theory, the flushing method is supposed to activate our salivary enzymes. The stimulated flow of saliva absorbs bacterial toxins and environmental toxins from the blood. These are removed from the body via the tongue. For this reason, “oil pulling” detoxifies and cleanses the whole body, which numerous studies are supposed to prove.

How does oil pulling work?

Oil pulling takes about 20 minutes and should ideally be done on an empty stomach before brushing your teeth. The reason is this: while we sleep our body detoxifies and leaves these toxins in the mouth. The oil can then bind these directly in the mouth and remove them from the body.

It’s best to use cold-pressed organic oils like coconut oil, sesame oil, or sunflower oil. We recommend coconut oil here because it has a pleasant aftertaste. Put a tablespoon of oil in your mouth and wash the oil around. Keep moving and pull it through the spaces between your teeth.

The whole procedure should take 20 minutes at best (5-10 minutes is also ok). In the end, the liquid should have a milky and thinly flowing consistency. Finally, spit the oil into a tissue and dispose of it in the trash. This could cause a blockage in the sink. Now rinse your mouth and brush your teeth.

Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok – social media are full of numerous beauty tips that we like to imitate. However, some of them should definitely not be followed.

These beauty tips are completely forgotten:

Dark lip liner

What was a real trend in the 90s is a real faux pas today: Choose the lip liner a shade darker than the lipstick. A visible lip liner is probably the biggest beauty faux pas of all because it simply looks artificial. Today we prefer to focus on naturalness and not on artificial-looking lips. That’s why this is one of the worst beauty tips ever!

Shave and trace eyebrows

Unfortunately, many women still do it: completely shave off their eyebrows and then paint them on again with a pencil. Even if it sounds like a good plan at first, because the eyebrows are exactly the shape we want them to be, you shouldn’t do that. Because in 2021, naturalness will also be the top priority for beauty tricks – and let’s be honest, it doesn’t look natural! Bushy eyebrows have been incredibly modern since Cara Delevingne conquered the catwalks.

Warm up the eyelash curler

The idea of ​​warming the eyelash curler with a hairdryer is actually not that bad. After all, it works like a kind of straightening iron that is supposed to bring the hair into the right shape. But be careful! Your eyelashes are much more sensitive than the hair on your head. This makes it very easy for them to stick together or even break off if they get too much heat. So you better leave this beauty tip out, because it works even without heat.

Do not apply a cream to oily skin

This is arguably the biggest myth among beauty tips: If you have oily skin, you shouldn’t apply the cream. Actually, that sounds very logical, because the skin is already greasy enough anyway. If you have oily skin, there is a lack of moisture, which is why your oil glands try to compensate for the loss. Therefore: In any case, continue to use moisturizer to normalize your skin and the oil production of the skin again.

Clean too much

Before you apply the make-up, do you want to scrub your whole face well again? Of course, it is good to cleanse your skin thoroughly, but be careful. Because if you brush your face too much, it can happen that you also remove the natural protective layer of your skin. The oils your skin produces are important so that it doesn’t dry out and brave any weather. Therefore, you should be careful that you only use products that are not too intense and do not damage the protective layer. You should also never forget to apply lotion.

Oily hair can be really annoying. Here are 7 natural tips to help you feel better:

Proper washing

Hot water only stimulates the production of sebum – so rinse your shampoo thoroughly with lukewarm water.

The right shampoo

Avoid aggressive anti-fat shampoos – these dry out the scalp and make the hair oil even faster. Better: Nettle shampoo from the pharmacy. Nettle has a calming effect on the scalp and slows down the production of sebum.

Conditioner with mint tea

Put a couple of peppermint tea bags in boiling water, steep, and let cool. After washing your hair, massage the mint tea into your hair, do not rinse.

Conditioner with coltsfoot flowers

Add a handful of coltsfoot flowers (from the pharmacy) to half a liter of boiling water and wait for the water to turn dark and cool. Massage into hair after washing, do not rinse.

Hair treatment with healing clay

You should treat your hair to a hair treatment once or twice a week: Mix around 10 tablespoons of healing earth (health food store or pharmacy) with 200 milliliters of water and apply the paste to the scalp. Rinse well after about ten to twenty minutes.


The wrong diet also stimulates the production of sebum – and hair greases more quickly. Avoid sugar and alcohol, and make sure you eat alkaline vegetables (such as spinach, broccoli, and fennel). Too much salt also makes the hair greasy – so hands-off chips and co.

Styling products

Avoid blow-drying foam, volume mousse, and the like – because styling products weigh down the hair and make a greasy mane look even lankier.

CBD is a real wonder drug in cosmetics. Because the natural product not only has hardly any side effects, it also fights against acne, hair loss, or stomach problems. A real all-rounder.

That is why we should use CBD much more often and do something good for our bodies.

What is CBD?

The abbreviation “CBD” stands for cannabidiol. It’s a naturally occurring chemical compound found in the resinous flower of the cannabis plant. This product has been used in medicine for years, for example against cancer or rheumatism. For some time now it has also become a true all-rounder in cosmetics.

CBD in skincare

CBD is particularly widely used in skincare. And not without reason: Because the natural active ingredient brings the skin back its resistance and thus helps to defend itself against blemished skin. Especially with acne, the hemp product works wonders and makes the skin soft again like a baby’s bottom. In addition, unlike other acne creams, this product has hardly any side effects and, according to some studies, leads to improvement particularly quickly.

In addition, CBD is a real miracle cure for neurodermatitis. Most products only have a preventive effect and are almost useless once the rash occurs. However, the hemp product wonderfully relieves itching and gives your skin the strength to defend itself against neurodermatitis.

Against inflammation

In America it has already become a real trend: hemp oil in teas or coffee can already be bought almost everywhere there. Because the oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and is particularly healthy. Hemp oil, which contains CBD, is used primarily for stomach problems and inflammation in the throat area to cause faster healing. However, the oil should not be consumed every day, because the body “gets used” to the effects at some point and therefore no longer reacts so well to it over time. Experts recommend drinking hemp oil a maximum of twice a week.

Use for hair loss

CBD shampoos are really good beauty products too. More and more natural cosmetics companies are using hemp oil. Especially with hair loss, CBD helps incredibly well. Because it not only promotes blood circulation in the scalp and thus stimulates growth, but also offers the hair good protection that makes it shine and grow healthily.

You should also use a CBD shampoo for dandruff. Because the antibacterial effect helps your scalp to regenerate and strengthens it.

We love summer – but that doesn’t necessarily have to apply to our hair as well. Because they don’t get along very well with heat, salt, and chlorine. All of this weighs down our hair and we feel it very quickly. Letting them air dry can therefore work wonders.

However, not every hair structure requires the same care and routine. Of course, this also applies to air drying. We will introduce you to the right routine for every hair structure so that your hair remains well-groomed in summer.

That’s why you should air-dry your hair every now and then

In summer we love to sunbathe, jump in the pool or into the sea and enjoy life to the fullest. We like to ignore the fact that the heat in combination with salt or chlorinated water is not exactly helpful for the care of our hair. The result of neglect: straw hair, split ends, and a curling mane like Hagrid from Harry Potter. One way to reduce the weight of your hair is to keep the heat to a minimum. We can’t change the weather (of course we don’t want that either), but our care routine can. Therefore: Put away your hairdryer, curling iron, or straightening iron this summer and follow these tips:

Curly hair


In most cases, curly hair has a very special hair structure, which makes it a lot more prone to dryness than, for example, straight hair. Shine is always a difficult thing to do with curly hair in summer. Care does not begin with air drying, but with the hair wash. Always use a conditioner or hair mask when washing your hair to provide plenty of moisture. After washing, knead your hair with a towel or use a cotton T-shirt to dry it. Then it’s best to knead a little hair oil into the ends of the hair and curls so that the curls simply shine with shine. Then just wait for the hair to dry. Our shampoo tip for curly hair: The Moroccanoil Curl Enhancing Shampoo with vegetable proteins and argan oil. It strengthens and nourishes the hair at the same time.

Afro hair

Even with Afro hair, care begins before air drying in the shower. Shampoos without sulfates are the motto, as the additives can dry out the hair very easily. A moisturizing conditioner is recommended for afro hair, just as it is for curly hair. Instead of a terry towel, it is best to use a microfiber cloth to dry off and knead from the tips to the hairline. Let the hair dry slightly and then massage in a sustainable leave-in care product, like this one from Afrolocke especially for curls. It detangles the hair and strengthens particularly fragile hair fibers.

After the necessary shine and the definition of the curls have already been provided, the hair is almost dry. In the end, simply freshen up with a bit of styling cream and you’re done!

Straight hair

The biggest problem with straight hair is to create the desired volume and shine even without airflow. In the best case, a volume shampoo or shine shampoo should help. For example, the new Blonde Revival Shampoo from Aveda is perfect for blonde hair. This refreshes the hair color and ensures the right shine.

Since straight hair often has more moisture anyway, conditioner does not have to be rubbed into wet hair every time you wash your hair. After shampooing, pre-dry your hair with a towel and comb through it briefly. When the hair is dry, put a bit of hair oil on the tips, rub the hair lightly with your hands to create a slightly wilder mane, and you can leave the house style.

Summer finally means wearing airy dresses and skirts again. If it weren’t for the thighs that rub together when you walk and stick together as soon as you sweat. The annoying rubbing of the thighs is called colloquially.

Many of us women know this problem all too well. But there is a solution! We have 7 tips for you on how you can prevent the rubbing and the sore, uncomfortable areas.

Cycling shorts

The cycling shorts are not only an absolute it-piece but are also perfect for underneath long skirts or dresses. They are super comfortable and absolutely invisible underneath. By the way, you avoid that your thighs rub against each other painfully.


So-called bandelettes are a more airy alternative to cycling shorts that somehow also look pretty sexy. They look like lace stockings and are nothing more than ribbons that you wear on your thighs. In summer, bandelettes are perfect for shorter dresses and skirts, which sometimes show a little fabric. The tip looks extremely stylish.

Baby powder

Baby powder should also prevent you from rubbing a so-called wolf. Just like preventing sore bums in babies, it can also help your thighs. The powder wraps itself around the skin like a kind of protective coating and prevents you from sweating excessively. But be careful: it can leave white stains on clothing and furniture.


Petroleum jelly or other body oils are also good ways to protect your thighs from too much friction. Simply rub it into your thighs. But also be careful with petroleum jelly and oils, they too can leave stains on your clothes.

Scouring spray

There are now even their own sprays or skin pens, such as Bodyglide, which were specially developed to prevent the thighs from rubbing against each other. Both the spray and the skin protection stick can be ordered online.


Deodorant sticks should also be an insider tip. Not only do they prevent sweating, but they also prevent your thighs from sticking together and rubbing each other sore. But please do not apply too much of it. The area is very close to the genital area and can therefore cause irritation or upset your natural pH value.

Coconut oil

The superfood coconut oil is a real all-rounder. It is not only suitable for cooking and beauty applications but can also be used against rubbing thighs. The plus point: Coconut oil is without chemicals and additives and therefore not harmful to your skin. Simply rub it on your thighs and your summer in clothes is guaranteed to be more pleasant.

It can get hot in summer. And then annoying sweat stains are not long in coming. But you can easily prevent it with a few little tricks.

These five simple hacks will help fight sweat stains:

Drinking water

What sounds like an old wives’ tale actually works. Drinking lots of water can reduce sweat production. And when you sweat less, there are fewer sweat stains. Especially on hot days like lately, you should drink a lot of fluids.

Glue panty liners under the arms

The most common occurrences of sweat stains are under the arms. Because that’s where you sweat the most. There is a little trick for this: buy thin panty liners and stick them on the inside of your shirt under your armpits. The insoles soak up the sweat and so you have no sweat stains under your armpits despite the high temperatures.

The right clothing against sweat stains

Another good tip against sweat stains is to wear the right clothing. For example, do without synthetic fibers. Cotton is more breathable than synthetic fiber, which often increases sweating. So, before a sweaty day, go for a cotton shirt in the morning. In addition, clothing should be airy. Because if the shirt is loose, it doesn’t happen that often that sweat stains form.

Dab quickly

As soon as you find yourself starting to sweat, you should quickly pat your skin dry with a dry cloth. Of course only if that is possible. Dabbing won’t prevent you from continuing to sweat, but at least the clothes won’t get stuck. Then the hated sweat stains stay away.

Let the deodorant dry out well prevents sweat stains

A good deodorant is essential on hot summer days. Make sure you are using an antiperspirant that does not contain aluminum. Because that prevents excessive perspiration. You should also always let the deodorant dry out well before you leave the apartment. Because a deodorant can only help against sweat when it is dry. So just apply the deodorant in the morning after getting up and only then drink the coffee. This simple trick can work wonders.

Oh, how beautiful is the summer! The feeling of driving to the lake with the window open, feeling the sand under your toes, wearing delicate fabrics instead of thick sweaters, sitting on the balcony or in the garden until late at night, the sweet scent of blooming flowers in your nose … Man could go on raving like this forever – but we all know: There are always two sides of the same coin. Even the warm season has a few downsides, and for precisely these cases we have four real-life hacks ready with which you can get through the summer without any problems.

Sweat doesn’t matter!

This hack is essential, especially for fashionistas. In every wardrobe, there is one of the other piece that you don’t like to wear. The reason: sweat stains! From now on, such doubts are a thing of the past, because with this trick we ensure dry armpits. No matter how high the temperatures climb. The solution: panty liners! The tip may sound strange at first, but it is very helpful. Simply glue a panty liner into the lower part of the sleeve at armpit level on the inside of a shirt or dress. If you start to sweat now, the sweat is caught directly by the padded insoles.

Ready to mingle.

What do summer and rising temperatures have in common? Exactly, the libido increases. No wonder that with us, whether single or in a relationship, the desire for physical closeness increases enormously. Unless intimate problems such as fungal and other vaginal infections or pain during sex affect the desire for togetherness. So how do you take proper care as a woman? With the Lactamousse care foam, which gently cleanses and cares for our vulva every day. In order to additionally strengthen the vaginal environment, the Gynophilus Protect vaginal tablets provide protection against infections and optimize our vaginal flora after just two applications. It is better to love it if it is well protected and provided for.

I avo you!

Chlorine, sand, and sun often make hair look brittle, dry, and somehow dull. This usually doesn’t look nice at all and is also not good for your hair structure. What can you do in an easy peasy way? Smear an avocado in your hair. Okay, an avocado mask to be precise. To do this, you simply mix half an avocado, a teaspoon of olive oil, and a splash of lemon juice (yes, this is where the lemon comes in). Then you apply it to the entire hair and leave the mask on for 20 minutes. The result: The hair feels like it has been reborn – and so do you, of course!

Smelly smell!

In summer, bathing shoes, flip-flops, and the like are not for everyone. Many prefer to use ballerinas or sneakers. Even if these complete the perfectly put-together OOTD, sweaty feet are often followed by smelly shoes. Ewwww! You can remedy this with baking soda. This is generously distributed in the respective shoes. Then you should let it dry out overnight and vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner so that no residue is left behind. And already you have no more stinking mountain pines.

Too much coloring or too little care is not always to blame for our hair looking broken and brittle. Certain hairstyles can also damage our hair structure and even cause hair loss. These three hairstyles in particular are particularly harmful to your hair.

Straightened hair

We love the sleaky look, but it’s definitely not good for our hair if we work it with the straightening iron every day. The heat destroys our hair structure, which means that it dries out more and more and looks straw-like. Split ends are also aggravated by the heat. If you can’t do without the straightening iron, you should definitely make sure to pamper your hair with a moisturizing hair treatment and apply for heat protection before straightening.

The ponytail

Even if it is the everyday hairstyle, it is still far from good for our hair. Sure, the ponytail is the savior on a bad hair day, but otherwise, you should try to avoid this hairstyle. With the hair elastic, our hair breaks off much faster, especially if the elastic still has some metal. This damages the hair. Therefore, it is better to use Invisibobble hair ties if you can’t do without your favorite hairstyle.

3rd bun

Not only is the ponytail a real nightmare for our hair, but the classic bun also is not exactly the ultimate. Especially when it is strictly coiffed. Continuous pulling on the hair follicle can lead to hair loss in the long run. Better to style a bun in an undone look. Not perfect for our hair either, but still better than the strict bun.

We all know the Bad Hair Days. But what if the day becomes a week and the week becomes a week? The structure of your hair can be an indication that something is wrong with your health. We’ll tell you what your hair wants to whisper to you.

Thin and dull, brittle or graying quickly. Very few of us have the head of hair from the lady from the L’Oréal advertisement.

Our coat changes in the course of life

As a kid, you had a wale mane like Carrie Bradshaw. Today your hair is so thin that the slightest whiff of the cough from your counterpart sweeps it all through. That your hair changes in the course of your life is quite normal and is due to the hormones. Pregnant women can sing a song about it. But does your former mane suddenly look dull or gray? If your hair is brittle or falling out, it can be an indication that something is wrong.

Your hair is damaged or brittle

After a beach vacation, there is a strong suspicion that too much heat and too little humidity were involved. But is your attempt to spice it up with care products unsuccessful or can you not find a clear cause for the new “look”? Then a lack of nutrients due to too much stress could be the reason for your hair to become ailing. So try to shift down a gear and supply your organism with sufficient iron, zinc, chromium, and potassium. Especially as a vegan, you should make sure that you get enough iron and B vitamins.

Your hair looks dull or is getting thinner and thinner

Then you should question your junk food consumption or stay away from crash diets. Most of the time, these symptoms are caused by an unbalanced diet. You lack protein, important trace elements, and minerals. Incidentally, also the reason why many people who suffer from anorexia get thin hair.

Your hair is falling out more

Daily brushing has become an ordeal for you due to hair loss. Don’t panic 100 pieces a day are completely normal. However, if the number is significantly higher, stress or depression could be the cause. Both of these can lead to inflammation at the hair roots and cause hair loss. Another reason can be iron deficiency. A doctor can quickly freshen you up with suitable preparations or an infusion.

If your scalp hair falls out in places, you should definitely consult a doctor. Your thyroid may not be working optimally. Another reason could be a scalp infection caused by fungi or bacteria. This can also be a side effect of medication, for example.

Your hair turns gray very quickly

Whether we get the first gray hairs as teenagers or in our early 40s mostly depends on our genes. But if you have become Methuselah in a short period of time, that could be a sign of stress. Stress acidifies the body and can sometimes turn your hair gray. The reason is usually not in the last few days, but up to six months ago. But hormones such as estrogen also have an influence on the dye formation in your hair. The herbal remedies monk’s pepper or maca can compensate for a lack of estrogen and bring your hormonal balance into balance.