Summer finally means wearing airy dresses and skirts again. If it weren’t for the thighs that rub together when you walk and stick together as soon as you sweat. The annoying rubbing of the thighs is called colloquially.

Many of us women know this problem all too well. But there is a solution! We have 7 tips for you on how you can prevent the rubbing and the sore, uncomfortable areas.

Cycling shorts

The cycling shorts are not only an absolute it-piece but are also perfect for underneath long skirts or dresses. They are super comfortable and absolutely invisible underneath. By the way, you avoid that your thighs rub against each other painfully.


So-called bandelettes are a more airy alternative to cycling shorts that somehow also look pretty sexy. They look like lace stockings and are nothing more than ribbons that you wear on your thighs. In summer, bandelettes are perfect for shorter dresses and skirts, which sometimes show a little fabric. The tip looks extremely stylish.

Baby powder

Baby powder should also prevent you from rubbing a so-called wolf. Just like preventing sore bums in babies, it can also help your thighs. The powder wraps itself around the skin like a kind of protective coating and prevents you from sweating excessively. But be careful: it can leave white stains on clothing and furniture.


Petroleum jelly or other body oils are also good ways to protect your thighs from too much friction. Simply rub it into your thighs. But also be careful with petroleum jelly and oils, they too can leave stains on your clothes.

Scouring spray

There are now even their own sprays or skin pens, such as Bodyglide, which were specially developed to prevent the thighs from rubbing against each other. Both the spray and the skin protection stick can be ordered online.


Deodorant sticks should also be an insider tip. Not only do they prevent sweating, but they also prevent your thighs from sticking together and rubbing each other sore. But please do not apply too much of it. The area is very close to the genital area and can therefore cause irritation or upset your natural pH value.

Coconut oil

The superfood coconut oil is a real all-rounder. It is not only suitable for cooking and beauty applications but can also be used against rubbing thighs. The plus point: Coconut oil is without chemicals and additives and therefore not harmful to your skin. Simply rub it on your thighs and your summer in clothes is guaranteed to be more pleasant.


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